UPS Points

The UPS points system has been developed to provide incentive for student participation within the Faculty of Pharmacy. It provides rewards to those who go the extra distance to support their faculty and who can find the time to enjoy all aspects of university life.

UPS Points Links

  • View your UPS points
  • UPS Points Breakdown

  • An integral part of earning UPS points, includes winning awards! There are many awards to win across your pharmacy journey. Click here to see which awards you can win!

    Forming a new club

    If your group or club would like to apply for UPS points, please fill out the form: Club Registration Form

    If you are not part of a group, but you think you have done something that should be awarded UPS points, please first contact the UPS Secretary ( with a description of your activity and then number of points you would like to be awarded. Once approved by the Secretary, then you can submit your points using the Cognito form here and select the option: "Book an Event/Request UPS Points."

    Student Group Application for UPS Points

    Student Group Application for UPS Points